Model Eco 55 IPS™ - Inclined Plate Settler


Water disposal costs constitute an ongoing challenge for today's dischargers. Wastewater from many types of industrial processing facilities can contain high amounts of suspended and dissolved solids that require clarification equipment. The high levels of solids create a cost burden that can be significantly reduced through the implementation of an Eco 55 IPS™ treatment system.

Inclined plate clarifiers have been utilized in a broad range of industries around the world for suspended solids removal, and have been installed as the technology of choice for economy of space and life-cycle cost. Blue Water manufactures US made Eco 55 IPS™ clarifiers for unmatched separation efficiency. The Eco 55 IPS™ systems can accomplish the same degree of clarification as conventional clarifiers in 10% of the footprint.

Loading rates of conventional equipment are practical in rating an Eco 55 IPS™ system for a given application, and the loading rates are applied to the projected area of the foot-print friendly plate pack design. In many installations the inclined plate clarifiers are integrated with state-of-the-art flash mixers and flocculation chambers to enhance removal of particularly fine suspensions and dissolved constituents such as phosphorus or metals.

With the innate flexibility integral to Blue Water's designed Eco 55 IPS™ systems a variety of dischargers are beneficiaries of high quality effluent water. From groundwater cleanup, pretreatment for potable systems, and filter backwash management Blue Water supplies systems with an array of configuration options to meet site objectives. Metals finishing or mining applications where precipitation of dissolved solids is required is another common use for this compact, cost-minimizing platform.

  • Industrial process water
  • Metals and mining systems
  • Filter backwash clarification and thickening
  • Potable water clarification plant
  • Groundwater
  • Capital and O&M reduction projects

Conventional clarification equipment requires a large footprint in order to match the solids removal capacity of an Eco 55 IPS™ system. The space reduction of Blue Water's inclined plate clarifier is accomplished through the gravity settling area of the inclined plate pack design.

Influent enters the plate clarifier directly or after having passed through the optional mixers and flocculation chambers. The process water flows downward through an inlet chamber and enters the plates through side-feed slots. While the water flows upward the solids settle on the inclined plates, sliding into the sludge collection system at the bottom. The side-feed design allows for further thickening within the quiescent zone below the plates.

The enclosed and compact plate pack design minimizes hydraulic disturbances that impact settling efficiency in conventional equipment, such as wind. The process water continues to the top of the plate pack, passing through orifices that maintain a slight pressure drop and even flow distribution across the settling area. Launderers collect the process effluent for discharge from the process.

The Eco 55 IPS™ line includes single unit capacities ranging up to 1,200 gpm, and many larger applications utilize a modular layout for redundancy. Treatment options include a full array of chemical implementation choices for coagulation. A conical sludge management system below the plate pack is standard, and cylindrical rake thickeners are a common upgrade for more concentrated sludge.

The Eco 55 IPS™ system is only one of the many treatment options provided by Blue Water. Turnkey treatment solutions can often share a greater economic payback. Leveraging its line of biological, mechanical and chemical treatment options Blue Water can provide systems to achieve reuse quality water.

Blue Water accomplishes final polishing of solids and nutrients with the Centra-flo® filter utilizing Blue PRO® system for reactive filtration. In situations requiring exceptional nitrate removal, Blue Water offers the Blue NITE® process. Blue Water offers a final stage of wastewater disinfection utilizing chlorine, ultra-violet light or ozone, depending upon customer needs and regulatory compliance for re-use or discharge.

  • High efficiency clarification
  • Plates at 55° incline for optimal separation
  • 10x settling area compared to conventional systems
  • Sludge management and thickening options
  • Minimized footprint and capital costs
  • The lowest operating costs

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