Eco-Techno s.r.l  Vacuum Evaporation System

- Model VR HP Series - Low Temperature Vacuum Wastewater Evaporator with Heat Pump



Distillation throughput from 20 to 165 L/hour. Low temperature vacuum evaporator with heat pump, powered with electrical energy with internal scraper. Specially configured to treat encrusting water-based solutions, it has an internal scraper to remove fouling and to concentrate up to crystallization fouling wastewater, saline water and high density waters. To be installed wherever a strong concentration is required. Suitable for ZLD installation, eluates from resin regeneration, RO rejects, food & beverage (electropolished version available on demand), chemical & pharmaceutical, cosmetic and plant extracts, glass industry (industrial and art glass), paint and printing industry, packaging.

Detachable boiling vessel, external heat exchanger covering the boiling shell, internal scraper controlled by gear motor, large manway and sight glass with illuminator, built-in condensation section, full automatic operation with PLC and touch screen. Standard manufacturing in 1.4401/1.4404 (AISI316/316L) or special alloys for hazardous liquids.

Main Applications

  • ECO VR HP are particulary suitable for:
  • Glue and encrusting liquid treatment
  • Treatment of wastewater from developing and fixing processes
  • Wastewater treatment from frames and cylinder press washes
  • Inks treatment and recovery

  • En-bloc skid made of austenitic steel.
  • Boiling vessel, fitted with scraper positioned inside, having screw blades for the non-stop cleaning of exchange surface and product homogenizing during concentration phase.
  • High performance heat exchanger, positioned outside the boiling chamber, cast-in lined.
  • Upper condensation steam section, fitted with heat exchanger and cooling circuit.
  • Digital and analogue control instrument for the automatic monitoring of the system.
  • The VR series evaporators are featured for the treatment of highly encrusting liquids thus reaching an high concentration level.

  • Automatic circuit for condensate discharge and vacuum generation, composed of centrifugal motor pump, Venturi ejector, condensate storage and cooling tank, complete with heat exchanger, check valves, digital and analogue control, monitoring instrument.

  • The cooling unit features a heat pump made by a main refrigerant unit, complete with process compressor, eco-friendly driven, sub-cooling battery, heater fans, filters, pressure switches, pressure senders, gas flow indicators.
  • Additional cooling unit (from model ECO 1500 VR-HP) complete with auxiliary compressor, control equipment, filters.

  • Automatic circuit for the concentrate discharge, programmable by temporized system.
  • The discharge of the concentrate can be made by means of a centrifugal or one-screw pump or by gravity.

  • Automatic system complete with foam formation sensor and variable setting control. The circuit allows the automatic injection of antifoam products inside the evaporator: the quantity of injected antifoam is adjustable by the control panel according to the actual needs.

  • Siemens PLC control unit and control panel
  • Electrical panel in painted sheet, protection IP 54
  • Automatic overload cutout for all motors
  • 24 volts auxiliary circuit
  • Wiring made in flame proof cables
  • Level control regulators for tanks and outside reservoirs level.

  • The automatic system is complete with pneumatic valve and rotating nozzle. The circuit allows the release of cleaning agents inside the evaporator: the wash cycle time can be adjusted from the control panel according to the actual needs.

  • Electrically operated heat pump evaporator
  • Fully automatic operation (working cycle 24 hours/day without man presence)
  • Very compact structure
  • Absence of emissions and odors
  • No additional installation required
  • Total control by PLC
  • Lined heat-exchanger
  • Inside independent scraper device
  • Wastewater inlet, distillate and condensate outlet automatically operated
  • Pull-out boiling and condensation chambers
  • Main frame and condensation chamber made in stainless steel Aisi 316
  • Special material manufacturing on request
  • Voltage: 3 x 400 / 50 Hz + neutral

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