Model ECT DIN - Signal Isolator, Converter, Repeater, Booster and Splitter



ECT DIN-style signal isolators, converters, repeaters, boosters and splitters feature solid metal housings that stand up to the continuous, daily rigors of process control and factory automation applications. Rugged and reliable, the ECT is available in 2-wire (loop) and 4-wire (line/mains) powered models. The complete family delivers economical solutions for an expansive range of signal interface applications.

  • Isolate Signals to stop erratic measurements caused by ground loops.
  • Convert Signals so field instruments can interface directly with an indicator, recorder, DCS, PLC or PC-based SCADA system.
  • Split One Signal to allow one primary measurement to be sent to two separate systems.
  • Get two isolators in one. The ECT is available in
  • dual channel I/O models that provide application flexibility while reducing space requirements and costs.
  • Protect Equipment and Signals (Area Isolation)
  • by eliminating common electrical paths.
  • Amplify (Boost) Signals so that more instruments
  • can be added to an overburdened loop.
  • Solve 'Bucking' Power Supplies by stopping a conflict caused by a 4-wire transmitter and a DCS both trying to power the same process loop.
  • Step Down Dangerous, high voltage signals to safer levels to protect plant personnel.
  • Solve DCS Start-Up Problems caused by non-isolated transmitters by installing an ECT in each troublesome loop.

  • Current and voltage inputs. Available models handle Current and Voltage Signals.
  • 2-wire (loop) and 4-wire (line/mains) powered.
  • Versatile choices allow you to match the ECT to the type of AC or DC power available at each location.
  • Superior signal isolation (up to 1500Vrms).
  • Industrial-strength protection stops ground loops, motor noise, and other electrical interferences from affecting process signals.
  • RFI/EMI protection. The ECT provides an effective barrier against the unpredictable, harmful effects of radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. When ordered with the -RF option, the ECT delivers enhanced protection for especially noisy environments.

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