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Model ECT5400 - Internal Evaporative Cooler


The ECT 5400 is part of EcoCooling’s internal evaporative cooler range. At it’s design flow rate of 5,400m3/hr it can service a cooling load of 15kW with a COP of 54. The coolers small size means is easy to install and maintain making it the ideal option for small server or telecommunications rooms. The ECT range is also avaiable in a 10800 model for larger IT loads (~35kW).


  • Fresh air intake (through rear or left side)
  • 1/2” BSP water supply and 1” drain through side
  • 1~ 13A power supply
  • Pressure Release Vent
  • Additional sensors (2 temperature sensors are included)


The standard unit is supplied assembled and comprises of a fan chamber and a corrosion resistant AluZincTM wet box. When assembled the unit is able to fit through a single door , however it can easily be broken down into two pieces allowing for easy movement through smaller spaces.

Optional extras can be found on the second page of this specification.

Attemperation/Recirculation Damper
The cooler uses a close controlled  attemperation system to supply air at a constant temperature.  Hot air is recirculated back into the supply airflow to maintain the desired set point.  Once the external temperature exceeds the set point then the cooling function is enabled.  A tip seal damper is provided on the air intake.

The unit comes with a 500mm axial fan as standard (See p2 for alternatives).  Use of EC (Electrically Commutated) fans results in significantly quieter and more energy efficient operation than AC alternatives.

The standard cooler contains an EU4 filtration panel at the fresh air intake which has an inbuilt insect screen.

EcoCooling offer a commisioning service after installation of the ECT unit.  It is recommended that the cooler is serviced every 3 months. Standard EcoCooling components are used, which are avaiable ex-stock.

The table below outlines the cost comparisons of the ECT 5400 evaporative cooler (standard fan) with traditional DX and CW (Chilled Water) air-conditioning systems.

System Design: 15kW cooling load. Electricity at 10p/kWhr.  Water £1.00 m3. London location. 24/7 usage.


Remote Monitoring:
Remote monitoring and control can be included through either a Modbus or Ethernet connection.
Filtration on Recirculation Airflow:
Additional recirculation filtration is available if necessary, this comes as an additional component which can be affixed to the top of the unit.  Please see below for dimension details.
ECP01-07 AHU Additional Components
The ECP 5400 can be purchased as a cooler or AHU (Air Handling Unit). On the AHU model, a 3kW heating system is built into the attemperation loop. Supply air temperature increases of  ~90C should be achieved at a flow rate of 1000m3/hr. The system runs off a standard single phase 13A supply.
Fan Choices
The ECT 5400 can be purchased with a 450mm centrifugal fan at additonal cost, this is required for smaller rooms where additional pressure is required to ensure sufficient airflow through the equipment.

ECT5400 Configuration

The ECT5400 can be configured in different ways to accommodate varying installation constraints. All options are illustrated in a document available directly from EcoCooling.


EcoCooling’s process control system ensures the risk of legionella is kept to a minimum.  The main risk factors for Legionnella formation have all been addressed in the design and controls of the ECT units.  For more information and risk assessment forms please contact EcoCooling directly.

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