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Model EKU-N - Slave Units



The EKU-N is a slave unit to control, for instance, air inlet motors and is available for single phase as well as three phase motors.

  • EKU-N-1 controls single phase motors
  • EKU-N-3 controls three phase motors.

The motor can be controlled manually as well as automatically via the EKU-N. In automatic mode the EKU-N receives the desired position from the control computer by means a 0-1OV signal (for example, Orion or Sirius). In manual mode the desired position can be set by using the switches on the EKU-N. The motor position feedback is defined by means of a potentiometer that has to be fitted into the gearbox of the motor.
Adjusting the limit positions

To define the limit positions you can use the operating buttons on the circuit board.The LEDs nearby the operating buttons show the status of the EKU-N, for example automatic mode, malfunction or adjusting in progress-Emergency position. It is possible to set an emergency position in the EKU-N, the air inlets will be controlled to this position when the control signals fails.

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