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Model ESSE - Scrap Separators


Our range of scrap separators comprises our revolutionary ESSE separation units plus electrostatic EESE and magnetic separators for all capacity needs. Our basic versions of ESSE separator consist of multi-zone vibrating table containing ionization and blow stages. The complete version ESSE XL includes additionally a drum screen and feeding conveyor. ESSE separator separates metals from organic materials like plastics. It can also separate light alloys like aluminium from coloured metals like copper, and glass and ceramic materials from scrap with metals.

Our Electrostatic EESE separator uses the principle of corona electrostatic separation. A combination of a state-of-the-art high voltage power source and innovative solutions, it is suited to separation of metals from plastics as well as separation of different kinds of plastics from each other, including PMMA, ABS, PS, PE, PP, PET and PVC.

The benefits of ESSE and EESE separation include that they are very efficient and free from liquids. Together our separation processes form an unbeatable solution. Compared to competing separation methods, our advantage in addition to overall efficiency is that with our solution the customers can really recover the precious metals for instance from circuit boards.

With our processes including ESSE and EESE separator you can actually pick out the gold from garbage!

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