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Model EU 30 - Control of Filamentous Bacteria in Water Treatment Plants



Filamentous microorganisms are opportunistic bacteria that can occur in systems treating a wide range of domestic and industrial waste waters. They will proliferate when environmental conditions favour them. Common triggers are, toxic shock, low dissolved oxygen levels, insufficient nitrate, or phosphate, high levels of fat and grease, single source substrates such as from paper mills or vegetable processing facilities, and large pH fluctuations.

The solution is in three parts:

  1. Identify the cause and where possible to correct it.
  2. Remove as much of the filamentous bacteria either by physical removal or treatment with low levels of a short life biocide such as Sodium Hypochlorite.
  3. Inoculate with fresh bacteria EU30. This will prevent the regrowth of the filamentous and build up a more resilient biomass.

EU30 is designed to work in conjunction with existing water treatment plants to repair damage caused by toxic shock and improve the overall performance. such adjustments in order to rapidly establish a viable and superior flocculating biomass.

EU30 contains only Group 1 non-pathogenic bacteria that have been selected for their superior floc forming and ability to degrade a wide range of organic substances. The highly concentrated product allows low dosage rates and cost effective treatment.

Sometimes it is necessary to use EU30 in combination with other EU products depending on the nature of the waste water, especially if hydrocarbons or Ammonia are present.

EU30 is designed to improve the performance of such systems in the following ways:-

  • Reduction of filamentous populations.
  • Reduces the amount of surplus sludge through maintaining a high metabolism biomass.
  • Increases BOD and COD removal efficiency resulting in lower utility bills where they are based on Mogden formula costings
  • It produces sludge floc’s with superior settling characteristics that reduce sludge volume and save on disposal costs.

  • Form: Free flowing granular powder.
  • Colour: Buff to Brown.
  • Specific Gravity: 0.5 to 0.7
  • Contents: Selected micro-organisms and surface tension depressants on a soya carrier.

When used as directed EU30 is completely safe. It is harmless to people, clothing and the environment, and completely biodegradable.
Packaging - EU30 is packed in either 10kg bulk (no pouches) or 250 gram packed into water-soluble pouches (40 per bucket).

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