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Model EU10 - Biological Inoculant for Wastewater Treatment Plant



EU10 is an easy to use and reliable biological inoculant that will improve the performance of wastewater treatment plants. Consistent reduction of chemical and biological Oxygen demand COD/BOD is achieved by breaking down suspended and dissolved organic waste in a cost effective manner. Where discharged to sewer water costs are calculated by the Mogden formula and are directly related to COD and Suspended solid levels. Any reduction gives quantifiable financial savings. Even if discharge levels are achieved consistent water quality improvements will save money.

For treatment plants operating at the limit of their discharge consent the improved performance will reduce the need for
tanker removal and allow increased flow.

A large discharge of milk fat overloaded the water treatment plant, by using EU10 the effluent was quickly brought back within consent limits

Application: Start up dose 60g per m3 of the aeration tank capacity.
Followed by a monthly maintenance of 5g per m3
This measurement takes into consideration organic loading, flow rates and retention times
Reduced COD and Suspended solids = £’s

Method of use: For the start-up add EU10 directly into the tank that has aeration, spreading the total amount over three
days to avoid wastage. Monthly top up, dose in one application into the same tank. This will build a robust system and
keep the treatment plant working at its optimum.

EU10 is a formulation of Group 1 naturally occurring and appropriate non-pathogenic bacteria in very high concentrations. They are selected for their superior floc forming characteristics and their ability to out compete filamentous bacteria for their preferred fat, oil and grease substrate.

EU10 is designed to improve the performance of biological systems in the following ways:-

  • It rapidly establishes and maintains a robust biomass that is able to degrade these high grease content wastes
  • It increases BOD and COD removal efficiency, thus assisting organically overloaded plant
  • It produces sludge flocs with superior settling characteristics that can assist hydraulically stressed systems
  • It prevents the blocking, ponding and possible collapse of filter-bed media
  • It prevents the build up of grease, oil and fat deposits on walls and other surfaces of the system

  • Form: Free flowing granular powder
  • Colour: Buff to Brown
  • Specific Gravity: 0.5 to 0.7
  • Contents: Selected micro-organisms and surface tension depressants on a Soya carrier
  • When used as directed EU10 is completely safe. It is harmless to people, clothing and the environment, and completely biodegradable.
  • PACKAGING - EU10 is packed in either 10kg bulk (no pouches) or 250 gram packed into water soluble pouches (40 per bucket).

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