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Model ezSTM - Scanning Tunneling Microscope



The ezSTM is an all new Scanning Tunneling Microscope which features excellent performance while being remarkably affordable. It’s ideal for student laboratories, high schools, nanotechnology educations and basic research with its compact, high stability, user-friendly design. You are ready to explore atoms in five minutes with ezSTM.

  • 1pA 10nA or 100pA 100 nA current range
  • 0.1 pA current step size
  • 0.5x0.5x0.2 μm or 1x1x0.5 μm (XYZ) Scanner
  • Z resolution 0.5 pm
  • X Y resolution 1 pm
  • Constant current, constant height imaging modes
  • Current Voltage, Current Distance spectroscopy
  • Tip voltage ± 15 V in 300 μV steps
  • Ultrasonic motors for fastest sample approach & X Y coarse sample positioning up to 5mm
  • Sample reception up to 15 mm
  • 2MP CMOS, LED illuminated side view video camera with manual focusing and 5X digital zooming.

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