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Model F1001 - Ashless Filter Papers for Qualitative Analysis



These filter papers are used for qualitative analysis. Qualitative filters are made of refined pulp and pure cotton linters with an alpha-cellulose content of nearly 100%, which gives them a number of diverse filtration properties. The ash content of less than 0,06% is not reduced by post-treatment.  Qualitative filter papers are available in sheets, discs and folded filters.

The most widely used filter paper in the CHM range.

Medium retention and flow rate.

This grade covers a wide range of laboratory applications and is frequently used for clarifying liquids.

Traditionally this grade is used in qualitative analytical separations for routine laboratory work as well as rapid filtration of fine precipitates such as lead sulphate, calcium oxalate (hot) and calcium carbonate.

In agriculture, it is used for soil analysis and seed testing procedures.
In the food industry, Grade F1001 is used for numerous routine techniques to separate solid foodstuffs from associated liquid or extracting liquid and it is widely used in education for teaching simple qualitative analytical separations.

In air pollution monitoring, using circles or rolls, atmospheric dust is collected from airflow and the stain-intensity measured photometrically.

For gas detection, the paper is impregnated with a chromogenic reagent and colour formation quantified by optical reflectance.

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