Sicma S.p.A.

Model FA - Mower



Heavy, rear mounted, with rear ejection.From 15 to 60 HP, 1 speed, PTO 540 rpm.


  • Gearbox made by SICMA with conical roller bearings, valve and window
  • Rear ejection system
  • PTO shaft size 4
  • Floating top hitch
  • Depth adjustable lower hitches
  • Pivoted solid wheels (255/315 mm, 10-12.5”) with adjustable
  • Height, with long life sealed and greased bearings
  • Transmission carter cover made of iron (FA 1200-2100, FGM 1200) or of plastic (FA 1500-1800, FGM 1500-1800)
  • Front roller (standard on FA 2100)
  • Long life lubrication system (FA/FE/FGM 1200, 1500, 1800) or grease fitting accessible from the outside, with no needs to remove the shields (FA2100)
  • Powder coating, ensuring more durable color and gloss
  • 3 cutting blades

Upon Request

Mower blade for cutting of grass
Mulching blade for cutting and shredding of grass
Pneumatic wheels (280/330 mm, 11-13”) with adjustable height, with long life sealed and greased bearings (255 mm - 10”)
Bulkhead kit for mulching
Front roller
Free wheel

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