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Model FB - 2 Discs Torque Limiter



Thanks to the action of conical springs, maintains for a long the own characteristics of calibration, by limiting the value of the torque transmitted to the predetermined value through slippage of the components of the clutch friction discs. The value of the calibration torque can be changed by the user through the replacement of the spring pack, but can not be tampered with during use. Design without holds and projections to increase safety.

Characteristics and functioning

The FB friction discs torque limiter, thanks to the action of conical springs, keeps unchanged the initial setting properties as the friction discs are consumed, ensuring the protection of the transmission for a long period. It limits the value of the transmitted torque to the presettled value and keep this value during the intervention.

The torque setting value is set at the factory and can be changed by the customer by means of the substitution of the springs pack.
This system precludes the possibility to change, during the use, the setting value of the friction with the following alteration of the transmission grade of protection.

The compact, closed and linear design is intended to the elimination of handholds, projections and allows improving the safety characteristics during the use.
Quick locking system “pull collar”. Special design on request. May be used in clockwise and counterclockwise sense of rotation.


The FB limiters are used to limit the torque peaks due the acceleration of heavy rotating masses or to cut the torque as well as to limit sporadic overloads during the normal work. The transmission is anyway kept under torque also during the clutch slipping.


The FB torque limiters can be disassembled and reassembled in a very easy and safe manner by means of the simple use of a standard tool that, only after the decompression of the springs pack, allows the opening of the clutch..

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