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Model FH 62 C14 - Continuous Particulate Monitor



Advanced FH62 systems provide continuous automatic, real-time ambinet particulate measurement and are ideal for air quality measurement and for air quality networks. They can be configured for TSP, PM10, and PM2.5 sampling. Extremely accurate and insensitive to vibration, they are the only beta gauges with a truely continuous 60-minute to 24-hour sampling cycle and no stepwise response. U.S. EPA Designated Method EQPM-1102-150.

The FH 62 C14 Particulate Monitor is designed to continuously measure the mass concentration of the suspended particles in the ambient air.
Suspended particles in ambient air serve as a vehicle for organic and inorganic chemical compounds.  If a person breathes these contaminated particles, bronchitis syndromes or lung and pulmonary health problems may occur.  Air quality networks observe the pollutant components for health protection of the population.

The FH 62 C14 Particulate Monitor is the only radiometric instrument measuring, observing and displaying the accumulated dust mass during the dust collection.  This method permits real time measurement of the dust on a filter and on-line measurement/display of the mass concentration of the suspended particulate in ambient air.

The FH 62 C14 utilizes the radiometric principle of beta-attenuation using C14 source.  Due to this process a very high measurement stability is achieved, because the air mass change in the active volume by temperature and pressure is corrected.


  • First continuous online monitor with C14 source for concentration measurement during sampling
  • Radon gas activity concentration measurement in the dust (Rn-222; noble gas)
  • Low detection limit, high accuracy and good resolution
  • Accurate mechanical operation
  • Control and data exchange over 2 serial interfaces possible
  • Compact 19' housing in modern design
  • New improved status concept
  • Storage of half hour average concentrations over a whole year (optional)
  • Operating flow rate at the inlet or norm m3/h
  • Two serial interfaces for simultaneous connection of the network connector and a printer or maintenance-PC
  • The following languages set up for the menu and LCD/Soft-Keys are possible: German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish
  • Improved built-in diagnstics and status storage for quality ensured measurement
  • Processor controlled calibration of all sensors
  • Suppression of the influence of natural airborne redioactivity
    long life detector (typ. 10 years)
  • C14 activity below authorized limit value possible, easy handling of the source and instrument / no license in most countries.

Measuring Range : 0 to 5000 µg/m³ without adjustments (and/or 0 to 10,000 µg/m³
Serial Interfaces : Two interfaces: V.24/RS232; RS485
Displayed Measurement Data : Actual ambient particulate concentration in µg/m³, particulate mass in mg, 1/2h, 1h, 3h, 24h averages of the concentration, instrument status indication with text display.

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