Eco Fill bvba

Eco Fill bvba

Model FP3000 - Vertical Drum Crusher


Economical, solid and reliable, This drumcrusher is perfectly suitable for compacting metal drums, barrels, cardboard barrels, synthetic drums. The, during the process, evacuated fluids are recuperated in a reservoir below. Pressing Force: 27 MT, Up to 40 à 50 drums pro hour.

  • Limited height and limited groundspace needed
  • Easely installated
  • With presshead with perforationpins and with reservoir for liquids
  • Totally enclosed chambers with looking glass ensures safety and avoids filthiness
  • Controls with LED diplay
  • Ease and safe at use, exists also in explosions-safe version
  • Automatic return to startposition
  • Long lifelast and extreme low servicecosts

  • Pressing Force in MT : 27 MT
  • Power supply : 380 V, 7,5 kW
  • Pressing Cycle (theoretical) in sec. : 33 sec.
  • Machine dimensions W x D x H in mm : 1168 x 960 x 2892mm
  • Loading aperture W x H in mm : 618 x 1092 mm
  • Number of bales pro hour (theoretical) : Up to 40 à 50 drums pro hour
  • Machine weight in kg : 970 kg

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