Model FR Series - Extendable Counterweight Liftruck



Flexibility is the key when it comes to the FR Series extendable counterweight liftruck. Ideal for riggers and machinery movers, this extraordinary machine provides a vast range of capacity options with just the push of a button. The innovative extendable counterweight frame is designed to provide stability at full capacity and extended load centers, yet is compact enough for maneuvering in confined areas. Stackable counterweights and a removable hydraulic boom with collapsible boom stand allow for ease of transport, while quick-change forks optimize efficiency. As with all Hoist Liftruck equipment, the FR Series is 100% made in the USA. More than 75% of each truck is manufactured at our Midwest factory with the remaining components sourced from reputable companies, such as Dana and Timken.

Capacity Range

FR 15/25: 15,000 – 25,000 lbs. (7 – 11 tonnes)
FR 25/35: 25,000 – 35,000 lbs. (11 – 16 tonnes)
FR 40/60: 40,000 – 60,000 lbs. (18 – 27 tonnes)
FR 60/80: 60,000 – 80,000 lbs. (27 – 36 tonnes)


FR 15/25: 76 – 112 in. (1,900 – 2,800 mm)
FR 25/35: 76 – 112 in. (1,900 – 2,800 mm)
FR 40/60: 98 – 146 in. (2,500 – 3,700 mm)
FR 60/80: 120 – 168 in. (3,000– 4,300 mm)

Load Center

FR 15/25: 24 in. (600 mm)
FR 25/35: 24 in. (600 mm)
FR 40/60: 36 in. (900 mm)
FR 60/80: 36 in. (900 mm)

For maximum performance an operator must have all the essential tools around them. The FR Series is designed with advanced ergonomics and safety features for maximum comfort and protection.

  • Meets ANSI B56.1 FOPS operator protection
  • Left-hand operator position for optimal line of sight
  • Rubber-mounted cab isolated from frame to reduce noise and vibration
  • Overhead guard provides safety without obstructing views
  • Low, non-skid steps for safe and easy entry/exit
  • Adjustable semi-suspension seat and retractable seat belts
  • Onboard Load Calculator provides capacities for forks and boom for all counterweight slab variations and chassis extension position
  • Master digital display unit provides all vehicle gauges (e.g. oil temperature, fuel level)
  • Engine fault code diagnostic capability
  • Soft-touch hydraulic levers
  • Tilt-steering column
  • Spring-apply/hydraulic-release parking brake
  • Hydraulic weight scale
Optional Equipment
  • Air-ride seat
  • Remote control for all vehicle functions
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Single- or dual-camera/monitor packages
  • Additional work lights

The FR Series comes equipped with a two-stage, free-lift mast and carriage with fork positioner. A hydraulically powered, multi-stage telescopic boom and collapsible stand come standard with most models (optional on FR 15/25).

For ultimate versatility and efficiency, the FR Series comes standard with our Quick-Change Fork System. This unique feature, which includes quick-connect/disconnect hydraulics, allows crews to switch between forks and the boom attachment in just minutes with no tools required!

  • Heavy-duty mast rails provide superior visibility and full capacity at maximum lift heights
  • High-strength adjustable composite wear pads on boom
  • Main and side thrust rollers are impact-resistant and designed to reduce friction
  • Greaseable mast pivots constructed with wear-resistant bronze bushings and hardened steel pins
  • Safety valve built into base of lift cylinder to securely hold load in the event of a hose failure
  • Chrome-plated cylinder rods
Optional Equipment
  • Additional two-stage mast options available
  • Three-stage mast option available for FR 15/25 only
  • Side-shifting, independent fork positioner (SS/FP)
  • Boom attachments: hooks, shackles, swivels and more
  • Additional work lights

The FR Series is powered by a high-performance dual-fuel GM LPG engine and two-speed hydrostatic drive with variable RPM control. The “on-demand” hydrostatic drive pump offers not only power, but also increased productivity and fuel efficiency.

  • GM 3.0L LPG (FR 15/25, FR 25/35 and FR 40/60) or GM 4.3L LPG (FR 60/80) engine
  • Electronic engine diagnostics with fault code history
  • Built-in engine protection system
  • Heavy-duty isolated anti-vibration bolt-in drive line mounts
  • Inboard muffler
  • Heavy-duty alternator with built-in regulator (amps vary with capacity)
  • Externally mounted charge pump and integral filter allow for easy maintenance
  • O-ring face seal fittings on entire system prevent oil leaks
  • Tilt-lock counterbalance valve to prevent mast drift
  • Easy-access oil filter and drain for quick and easy maintenance
  • Large clean-out covers on top of hydraulic tank for easy access and convenient drain plug on bottom
  • Filters are easily accessible for quick replacement
  • Electric fan with automated reversing feature to keep radiator clean (only on FR 15/25 and FR 25/35)
  • Hydraulic multi-gauge provides quick and easy pressure readings with a twist of the dial; eliminates the need to tap into hydraulic lines
  • Standard 12-volt electrical system
  • Color-coded electrical wires enclosed with split-tubing wire loom wrap using sealed weather pack connectors
Optional Equipment
  • Hydraulic service brakes (FR 40/60 only)

Hoist Liftruck’s line of BIG TRUCKS starts with a strong foundation. The extendable chassis design of the FR Series provides excellent serviceability and versatility without sacrificing strength. The FR Series has been designed and tested to meet or exceed current, worldwide regulations for stability, sound levels and safety. Integrated lifting points also allow for safe handling and transport.

Did you know that many other forklift brands may lose more than 1 ton on the rated capacity when adding a feature such as a side-shifting fork positioner? Not on the FR Series. You receive the full rated capacity even if you add a feature such as a side-shifting fork positioner.

  • Planetary drives rated for durability in high-capacity, high-torque applications
  • Double reduction gearing for increased torque
  • Precision ground, heat-treated gears
Industrial Steer Axle
  • Thick top plate on welded beam steer axle provides added strength and durability
  • Highly maneuverable in tight areas
  • Dual-action bolt on cylinder is protected by heavy steel support beams and provides effortless power steering
  • Lower maintenance costs due to minimal amount of moving parts
  • Easy-access lubrication points
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • High-impact greaseable composite trunnions
  • Two-part rust-inhibiting polyurethane base coat and two-part polyurethane top coat for corrosion protection
  • Majority of components are powder-coated, which is up to 10 times thicker than traditional spray paint resulting in greater scratch and chip resistance
  • Environmentally friendly; produces virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Optional custom paint colors and designs available

We understand the importance of being able to service your liftruck easily and efficiently. Whether it’s routine maintenance or an on-site service call, the FR Series is designed to allow easy access to all integral components to minimize downtime.

Reach the entire drivetrain, hydraulics and filters via hinged panels and hoods supported by gas shocks. The popular hydraulic diagnostic multi-gauge provides operators and technicians various hydraulic pressure readings with just a twist of the dial, eliminating the need to tap into individual hydraulic lines.

Every component on the FR Series is sourced from a reputable vendor or manufactured by Hoist Liftruck. Utilizing the same domestic components throughout our product lines provides you with not only cost savings, but also a large inventory of parts available for immediate shipment.

The FR Series comes with a standard 12-month/2,000-hour warranty (parts and labor) with optional extended warranties up to 12,000 hours.

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