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Model FT-IR 600 & FT-IR 8 - FTIR Spectrometers



The FT-IR Spectrometers Model FT-IR 600 & FT-IR 800 are distinguished by their high stability, accuracy and reliability. The spectrometer is connected to a PC via a USB port for automatic control and data communication, fully realizing plug-and-play and raising the software flexibility. The FT-IR software contains all routines needed for basic spectrometer of operations. There is an optional external beam that allows access to the widest variety of high sensitive peripheral sampling system, such as GC/IR interface and FTIR microscope. The PC controls the switch over between internal and external light beams to enable the use of special IR accessories such as external IR microscope and GC/IR interface.

The FT-IR 600 & FT-IR 800 are characterized by various special IR libraries, available for routine search, but users can add and maintain the libraries or set up new libraries by themselves. The FT-IR sampling compartment is wide enough for various accessories such as diffused/specular reflection, ATR, Liquid cell, Gas cell, and IR microscope etc. The FT-IR series comprises two different models that are identical in specs and features but just different in the resolution that is better than 0.85cm-1 for the FT-IR 600 and better than 0.5cm-1  for the FT-IR800.

  • Spectral range: 7800 400 cm-1
  • Resolution: FTIR-600  Better than 0.85 cm-1; FTIR-800  Better than 0.5 cm-1
  • Wavenumber Precision:  0.01cm-1
  • Scanning speed: 0.2~2.5 cm-1/s, automatically optimized for detector type or manually adjustable for specific applications
  • Beam splitter: Ge coated KBr
  • Infrared source: External, air-cooled, high efficency Reflex Sphere module
  • Detector: DTGS, MCT (optional)
  • Data system: Compatible computer
  • Software: FT-Ir software contains all routines needed for basic spectrometer operations.
  • IR library: 11 IR library included

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