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Model G2101-i - CRDS Analyzers for Isotopic CO2



The world's best isotopic CO2 just got a whole lot better - and smaller. The latest version of Picarro's world-beating analyzer packs a host of new features including smaller size, lighter power draw, and faster measurement rates while offering the same fast, continuous, real-time measurements. Unmatched in its class, the G2101-i offers a large dynamic range with high linearity and unbeatable precision. This single-chasis system is both field and laboratory deployable with no consumables. It can be installed and operational in minutes and is incredibly rugged. Picarro drop-tests and vibration-tests every unit before shipping.

Fast. Easy to use. Powerful. Least frequent calibration of any isotopic analyzer on the market. Automatic water vapor correction. Stop fiddling and fixing. Start measuring.

  • Global #1 in precision, accuracy, and portability - Only analyzer with guaranteed drift specifications
  • 30% smaller, 30% lower power draw for easier field deployment
  • 8x faster measurement rate for optimal response to rapid concentration changes
  • Unique water correction feature eliminates need for gas drying
  • Advanced electronics lower noise, improve data quality, increase reliability
  • Precise measurement of δ13C and both CO2 and H2O concentration

Most importantly, the G2101-i provides best-in-class temperature and pressure controls. Unlike analyzers without these controls which struggle to maintain data quality, Picarro analyzers can continue to produce the high precision measurements even in environments where temperature and pressure change rapidly - from caves near the Arctic Circle to the sweltering below-decks environs of research vessels in the Gulf of Mexico. This analyzer can run with standard ambient intake or can integrate seamlessly with unique Picarro peripherals such as the Small Sample Isotope Module (for small volume gas measurements) or the 16-Port Distribution Manifold (for multi-point sampling).

In greenhouse gas applications, it is often critical to measure the carbon isotope ratio δ13C in addition to just the total concentration of carbon dioxide. The Picarro G2101-i isotopic CO2 analyzer is ideal for these applications; it is among the only compact hands-free instruments that can provide real-time measurements of the carbon isotope ratio from ambient CO2. In the past, this ratio could only be obtained by the use of large, complex, expensive instrumentation that required sample capture and a trained instrument technician. In contrast, the G2101-i is a field-deployable analyzer that can be operated remotely and continuously for months with no user intervention, even in harsh environments. The G2101-i is also perfect as a high-performance laboratory reference instrument. Picarro isotopic CO2 analyzers are deployed in a production environment at many of the world's top stable isotope laboratories.

The G2101-i can deliver the normalized carbon isotope ratio, δ13C with a guaranteed precision of better than 0.3 per mil (0.03%), in a total sampling time of only 5 minutes. This level of accuracy easily exceeds the needs of a wide range of greenhouse gas monitoring applications and is ideal for creating Keeling plots to detect sequestration leaks as well as to monitor plant canopy carbon exchange processes.

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