Model G5040 - Baler and Wrapper



G5040 combines the press and the wrapper in a single machine. The bale comes out of the press and does not need to be loaded. It is directly deposited on the table and wrapped. The cycle is controlled by the remote program fully automatic PROFI.

The G5040 combination is suitable for installation of all common round baler:

In comparison with the simple wrapping arm, the wrapping time is considerably shortened.

The electronic system controls the entire process, it is entirely fully automatic. All steps are shown on the display.

Due to a unique design, an exceptionally smooth deposit of the bale is obtained through the wrapping table that lowers to the ground

With high rates of daily production, you will need a large amount of films rolls. The two reserves on both sides will allow you to store up to 10 rolls of
film. Depending on the diameter of the bales and the number of film layers, you have the ability to wrap between 200 and 300 bullets just about

To avoid using the electronic remote all the time on the tractor, all our Kombi wrappers are equipped with emergency manual controls that all functions stay manually available.

Thanks to the two sensors, the two pre-stretchers film can be monitored. Once the film tears apart, or the film roll is finished, the wrapping process
stops immediately. The interruption is then displayed for the driver on the remote. The transmission of signals between the sensor arm and the upper
frame satellites is contact free and therefore is insensitive to moisture and dust.

  • Load Sensing
    can also be operated in conjunction with tractors without load sensing pump
  • Twin wrapping arm
  • Mobile wrapping table
  • 4 bale conveyor belts including belt guide and 4 bale guide rollers
  • Bale deposit backwards
  • Height-adjustable drawbar for high and low hitch
  • Film stretching unit 750 mm
  • Automatic film cutting and holding system
  • Tandem axle chassis with tyres 500/50-17
  • Hydraulically lowerable film storage for up to 10 rolls of film
  • Attachment parts for respective round baler
  • Fully automatic program control PROFI
    The entire cycle is automatically fully completed
  • Film monitoring
  • Dual-line air brake system or hydraulic brake system - Please specify when ordering

  • Film stretching unit combined
    For film widths between 500 mm and 750 mm; the overlap can be adjusted as well
  • Single-film mode
    Automatically switches to „single-film mode“ as soon as one roll runs out or tears
    During this process the feed rate is reduced to ensure an overlap of 50%.
  • 40 km/h design in accordance with road traffic regulations.
    Special permit only in conjunction with dual-line air brake system
    (Austria and Germany only)
  • Falling mat
    For a gentle bale drop onto the field
  • Additional roller for wrapping table
    Prevents the bale from dropping off the wrapping table in steep terrain
  • Bale tipper (including additional roller)
    When the wrapping process is complete, the bale is positioned on its right front side
  • Combined brakes
    Dual-line air brake system combined with hydraulic brake
  • Baler assembly
    Baler assembly ex works: The baler is provided by the customer (delivery of the baler is paid by the customer)
    Baler assembly on site: Installation requires one person and a 4.000 kg crane (baler will be lifted to a height of approx. 1.5 m during installation)
  • Camera system
  • Beacon light
  • Battery supply cable 5.3 meters 2x6 mm² with 3-pin power outlet

  • Weight: 5.400 - 7.700 kg
  • Length: 6.800 - 7.700 mm
  • Width: 2.990 mm
  • Height: 2.300 - 3.500 mm

Measurements can slightly vary depending on the size of the press Version. That's why there is a Short Line (SL) version.

  • For bale diameters of 0.90 - 1.50 m
  • When bales are loaded through without wrapping process (hay, straw): up to 2.00 m

Required connections:

  • 1 pressure connection and one depressurized return for the supply of the wrapper
  • 3-pin power outlet for the electrical supply including direct supply line to the battery
    (cable cross-section 2x6 mm²)
  • 7-pin power outlet for the entire lighting system, excluding working headlights

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