Model G600i - Total Organic Carbon Analyzer



The G600i grain moisture tester was specially developed by Gehaka for monitoring and control of crops in the field and in storage with high performance and precision. Ensure the best possible control of your crop monitoring the drying process, and the assessment for field purchases with an equipment technology without complication.

Simple and fast. The G600i is portable and simple to use. With an automated system, it measure in seconds the whole grain moisture content. You no longer need to use tables, reading analog scales or analyze the factors of temperature compensation. The whole process is digital and self-explanatory.

Step by step instructions in the software menu selected language. The G600i is interactive and shows every step of the process with clear and objective information.  That is why there is no need for specific training to operate the equipment. Simple as that.

Portable and adaptable to your region.
The G600i works with Alkaline 9 volt battery or adapter connected to electricity, operating 90 ~ 240 Volts.

What guarantees the quality and accuracy?
Technology and Scientific Monitoring.  The calibration curves of each grain are obtained based on the standard oven methodology, according to the ISO and ASABE international standards.

The calibrations contained in the G600i are tested and evaluated each year by our researchers and laboratory technicians ensuring the accuracy of the results in the measurement of whole grain moisture.
What guarantees the quality and accuracy?
The G600i is designed to be used in any location where it is necessary to perform rapid measurements of moisture to ensure quality in the processes of drying, grading, buying and selling grain.
After selecting the grain calibration, weighing the sample which is performed at the built in scale of the equipment, pouring the weighted product sample in the hopper meter, the G600i starts run the moisture measurement automatically.
The G600i then measures the temperature and moisture of the sample, calculates all necessary corrections and shows at the alphanumeric display the percentage of moisture (% U) and sample temperature (°C or °F).
After this procedure, the sample can be discharged into the drawer of the tester and preserved without any change in their baseline characteristics.

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