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Model GC-7860 Network-Based Series - Gas Chromatography (GC)



GC-7860 network-based series Gas Chromatograph Plus, A, B, E, T, N and Micro (portable and onboard series) are available. The instruments fully absorbs advanced technology abroad of the same kind of products, adopts domestic industrial leading manufacturing technology and process, and ensures instrument reliability and non-failure operation time. It maximizes normal operation, reduces maintenance, and makes structure simple, proper, and easy to learn and operate.

It Is extensively used in petroleum and chemical industry, fine chemical engineering, biological pharmaceutical Industry, environmental protection, food health, high purity gas, electricity, wine brewing, scientific research, education and other analyzing.

It has unique remote network transmission and control function and achieved duty-free, decentralized monitoring and centralized control; the data analysis results are input into DCS to finish statistics, analysis, monitoring of the chromatograph group and improve automation of production process.

it is extensively used in petroleum and chemical industry, tine chemical engineering, biological pharmaceutical industry, environmental protection, food health, high purity gas, electricity, wine brewing, scientific research, education and other analyzing fields.

All sample injection port and detector gas circuits of the GC-7860 Plus and B series gas chromatograph are controlled with electronic gas circuit (EPC) to provide better retaining time and peak area precision and provide industrial users with the industrial leading excellent quality and trust results. The instrument user sets gas flow rates, external events, temperatures, detectors, instruments and other parameters with the anti-control software, and saves all parameters of the analyzing approach. Digital circuit makes setting values the same in each operation and by different operators. Therefore, users can obtain better retaining time reoccurrence and more trustable and consistent results, half the work with double results.

The instrument can be configured with automatic liquid sample injector and anti-control software to control parameters, which yield better repeatability and increase operation efficiency, and eliminate errors caused by manual sampling.

Excellent Solution:

  • Analysis of gas in power transformer oil (GB/T 17623-1998, DL/T 722-2000, DL/T 703-1999)
  • Gas chromatography analysis of safety gas under coal mine (24h uninterrupted cycling sampling and analyzing for 32 points)
  • Analysis of air quality (TVOC, benzene, total hydrocarbon and non-methane total hydrocarbon) (satisfying GB/T50325-2001, GB/T18883-2002 and GB16927-1996); 24h uninterrupted online analysis of workshop tail gas, flute gas, and VOC in smoke, benzene and non-methane total hydrocarbon)
  • Water quality analysis (satisfying GB/T 5750-2006)
  • Analysis of natural gas, refinery plant, cracking gas and manual coal gas and other industrial gases (simple single-valve type, broad spectrum process double-valve and four-column economic type, broad spectrum three-valve and four-column practical type, broad spectrum five-valve and six-column high-end type, three-valve and four-column TCD type, four-valve and five-column double TCD models etc.; satisfying GB/T 13610-2003, UOP539, ASTM1945, ASTM D1946 and GPA2261; specially customized subject to users' samples)
  • Analysis of coal gas and marsh gas (H2, 02, N2, CH4, CO and C02 compositions, change of unique single-valve sequence)
  • Sulfides in the natural gas (back flushing for change of the unique single-valve sequence, testing H2S, CSO, S02 and total sulfide)
  • Analysis of high purity gas, electronic industrial gas (minimum testing concentration up to lOppb and above)
  • Analysis of benzene and methylbenzene in petroleum (satisfying ASTM D3606; SH/T 0713-2002)
  • Analysis of oxygenated chemicals in petroleum (satisfying AZTM D4815 and SH/T 0663-1998)
  • Analysis of benzene, methylbenzene and aromatic hydrocarbon (satisfying ASTM D5580-1995, SH/T 0693-2000 )
  • SOA analysis of hydrocarbon group in petroleum, PONA analysis of single hydrocarbon in petroleum (content testing of saturated hydrocarbon, olefin, aromatic hydrocarbon and benzene, special olefin adsorption trap is used; satisfying SH/T 0741-2004)
  • Simulating distilled gas chromatography (satisfying SH/T 0558, ASTM D5307, D3710, D6352 and D2887) Blood alcohol analysis (satisfying the standard of the Ministry of Public Security GA/ T105-1995)
  • Cigarette VOC (satisfying YC/T 207-2006), chemical residue analysis, ethylene oxide in medical apparatus (satisfying GB/T 16886.7-2001) and solvent residue testing in packing materials
  • Special gas chromatography for greenhouse gas (C02, CH4 and N20* 0.1ppm-100%)
  • Online analyzing system of catalytic review, high pressure and high temperature (the system spectrum customized based on requirements)
  • Process gas chromatograph instrument (industrial chromatograph), sample pre-treatment, analyzing house building, multi-flow sample selection (support up to 32 channels of sample selection) etc.

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