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Model GC-C40 - Coal-Based Activated Carbon Pelletized 4mm



GC-C40 is a Bituminous Coal pelletized activated carbon. It is a standard activated carbon that works by capturing hydrogen sulfide and other volatile organic compound's molecules within the graphitic platelet structure of the carbon granules. Activated carbon has a specific capacity for each of these compounds; once this capacity is reached, subsequent incoming VOC’s  “breakthrough” untreated.

GC-C40 Activated Carbon is utilized in the following Wolverine Brand activated carbon filters:

  • WLV-4
  • ELF-2.5
  • WVI

GC-C40 is utilized for these filters because:

  • The relatively low H2S concentration typically found in home septic systems does not require the more expensive catalytic activated carbons.
  • The pelletized activated carbons are cleaner to work with, making it ideal for homeowner applications

  • Their high activity and surface area make GC-C40 ideal for most vapor phase applications. The uniformity of its shape makes GC-C40 particularly attractive in applications where low pressure drop is a consideration
  • Made from virgin activated carbon
  • Derived from bituminous coal
  • Pelletized activated carbon is cleaner to handle than its granular counterparts

Standard packaging is in 55 lb. vinyl bags.

  • Particle Size - (Diameter),mm: 4.0
  • (Length), mm: 6.0
  • Mean Particle Diameter, mm: 4.7
  • CCI4 Activity, %: 60(min)
  • Iodine No., mg/g: 1000(min)
  • Surface Area, m2/g: 1000(min)
  • Hardness, %: 95(min)
  • Moisture, % (as packaged): 3(max)
  • Typical Density, lbs./cu.ft.: 28-32
  • g/cc: 0.44-0.52

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