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Hygiene, Odors, Germs, Dust Mites, Bacteria, Molds and Mildew control are a huge concern among Athletes, Military, Law Enforcement, Hunters, Fire and Rescue personnel. Athletes, Military, Law Enforcement and Hunters use sprays of various types to control odors in ballistic gear, clothing, bedding, boots, wetsuits, backpacks, and equipment. The use of sprays, or other smell elimination products to mask the odors generated by our human sweat not only is costly and ineffective but are harmful against our bodies and can be damaging to our gear. The GearPure© (GP) uses special air purification technology which produces activated oxygen called O3.

The GP technology replicates Mother Nature's way of odor purification, and by placing your clothing or gear in the confined space of your GearPure©, you get the same purification results and benefits. If your job requires you and your gear to be in contact with body sweat, germs, bacteria, and mold, then with use of your GearPure© you can completely eliminate these problems while not damaging your gear in any way.

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