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Model GL622 - Laser Transmitter with Dual Grade


The GL612 is a single grade laser and the GL622 is a dual grade laser. Both are rugged, automatic self-leveling lasers featuring grade capability of ± 25% and can be used in a wide variety of grading, excavating and alignment applications by general and specialty contractors. The GL612 and GL622 Grade Lasers self-plumb in the vertical position to allow an even wider range of applications such as such as anchor bolt installation, form, tilt up, and curtain wall plumbing. With its rugged design, the GL612/622 Grade Lasers can survive a drop of up to 1 meter (3 feet) on concrete. The laser also features IP67 moisture and dust sealing to handle the tough construction environment. The GL612/622 Grade Lasers retains all well accept functions of the GL500 series lasers with additional advanced features and benefits offering much more versatilities.

  • PlaneLok:The laser beam locks to a fixed elevation and stays there regardless of wind or temperature changes.
  • Grade Matching:Set your receiver at the same height as the transmitter , go to the remote point with the remote control, and the transmitter will automatically match the two points and display the grade without returning to the laser transmitter
  • Automatic Axis Alignment:Gives you simple alignment of either side of any grade axis to the desired remote point
  • Long Range Remote Control:All transmitter functions are automatically controlled from inside the vehicle allowing for one-person set-up and operation.

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