Model GMTC10 - Quick Coupler



The quick coupler GMTC10 is the ideal solution for an optimal use of your machine and a quick change of your tools and grapples. This system makes it possible for every crane, machine and truck with crane to exchange tools under the rotator.

Cost saving and efficiency with quick coupler system

The quick coupler makes your machine and your company more flexible, profitable and competitive. Because of its unique construction no adaptations are required on the crane and the quick coupler can easily be mounted. Use of the GMTC10 is more efficient, cost-effective and time saving.

Time savings with the quick coupler 

With the quick coupler system the appropriate tools are available in any situation. That means that you can complete more work with one single machine in a short time, like loading and sawing wood. The GMTC10 can be mounted directly between the rotator and the grapple, without any technical adjustments being required.

  • Weight 24 kg/53 lbs
  • Max. load 10.000 kg/22.000 lbs
Why choose GMTC10
  • No adjustments to the crane required
  • Tool exchange within minutes
  • Solid and backlash-free connection
  • No grapple movement restrictions
  • Only two hydraulic quick couplings
  • Low own weight

  • Weight 24 kg
  • Height  10 cm
  • Maximum workload 10 tons

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