Dust Control Systems Ltd (DCS)

Dust Control Systems Ltd (DCS)

Model Gold Series (GS) - Cartridge Filters



Gold Series (GS) cartridge filters can be employed in a variety of pharmaceutical dust control applications such as pill presses, tablet coating, fluid bed dryers, spray dryers, and general room extraction. They combine rugged heavy-gauge construction with compact modular design to satisfy very demanding applications in the pharmaceutical industry. The GS is equipped with award-winning ‘HemiPleat’ filter technology, which delivers lower pressure drop than standard cartridge filters for extended service life and energy savings.

Bag-in/bag-out (BIBO) safe-change systems are available on both the cartridge access doors and the dust discharge system to provide personnel safety during filter changes and dust removal.

The ECOGATE® System is a cost-effective, energy-saving upgrade for dust or fume extraction systems. It is computer controlled and employs automatic motorised gates and remote sensors. When a work station is turned on, the sensor signals the controller to open the appropriate motorised gate to provide extraction. When a station stops working, the motorised gate closes automatically. The central control unit, or greenBOX®, constantly monitors individual machines and determines the optimum speed of the fan, which is achieved via a variable speed drive. This means that you only use power when you need it; resulting in energy savings of up to 80% (with an average of 62%).

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