Model GP-1 & ET/GP-1 - General Purpose Blower & Sprayer Rack



The GP-1 is a multipurpose rack designed to secure most any style backpack blower or sprayer. It is available as an open or enclosed trailer version to meet the needs of just about everyone. The bottom retention bracket has different height settings and can also be adjusted laterally to provide a snug, custom fit. Each rack includes a custom strap that is widely adjustable using the attached cam-lock buckle.

To lock a tool onto the GP-1 all that is needed is a short piece of chain and a 'cold shut' link installed into one of the racks many attachment points.

Due to varying designs and different shapes/sizes of equipment an optional 'H' Strap Kit is available for greater customized security of your tools. This kit is required for securing backpack sprayers when the GP-1 is used on open trailers.

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