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Model GPS 6000 Series - Store on Board Wildlife Monitoring Collars



Lotek’s GPS 6000 series collars feature store-on-board datalogging and a compact, light-weight design that's ideal for use on smaller animals.

The GPS 6000's advanced features allow you to:

  • customize the GPS schedule for your particular research needs
  • program VHF beacon cycles to coincide with your tracking schedule
  • calculate operational life based upon your selected schedule
  • monitor the animal's activity in 2 axes
  • replace your own collar battery packs
  • eliminate the need for exchange collar inventory
  • correlate temperature sensor data with GPS location accuracy

Lotek offers unlimited customer support and a full one year warranty on all of our equipment.

The GPS 6000 series is ideally suited to provide locational data for:

  • detailed home range analysis
  • precise movement corridors
  • micro-habitat analysis

It can be used on wide variety of species, including grey fox, coyotes, raccoon, small deer, and lynx.

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