Model GRM - Gas and Smoke Detector



Alarm unit in a wall mounting housing with audible and visual alarms. GRM features an alarm threshold and is equipped with a relay contact. If the threshold value is exceeded, the unit generates an alarm. The red LED lights up, the audible alarm goes off and the alarm relay switches. The audible alarm can be muted with the Acknowledge button. When the alarm condition no longer exists, you press the Acknowledge button again to clear the visual alarm (alarm memory). The alarm can only be cleared with the Acknowledge button if the reason for the alarm has been removed. If the concentration still exceeds the alarm threshold, pressing the Acknowledge button does not clear the alarm.

For continuous monitoring for explosive gases, vapours and smoke and for generating alarms in conjunction with the appropriate sensors. GRM is installed in heating rooms and basements, storage, office and residential buildings to increase safety. Not suitable for installation in hazardous areas (EX areas).

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