Model GS320 - Wireless Wind Speed Display



With effective wind speed monitoring and a wind speed warning alarm able to be set by the user, the GS320 monitors wind speed and helps to reduce on-site accidents.

  • Displays the current wind value on a large, brightly lit LED display
  • Users can set a wind speed alarm level
  • The LSI Wind Speed System consists of: GS320 Wind Speed Display/Receiver, Display Power Cable and GS020 Wireless Battery-Powered Anemometer (GS020 Anemometer has the ability to communicate with the GS320, GS550 and GS820 Displays, and with the Gateway)
  • Users can display wind speed units in mile per hour or meters per second
  • Line of sight communication range: 4,000 feet (1,300 meters)
  • Has the ability to output a lockout signal to engage hydraulic solenoid valves (or output the alarm signal to an external light or siren)
  • LSI GS Series Displays and Sensors feature accurate and reliable Direct Sequence-Spread Spectrum-Two Way Communication
  • Users can order extra displays that work in “listening mode” (In “listening mode,” an unlimited number of displays can listen to ONE wind speed sensor. For example, if you have a refinery application and you buy one wind speed sensor and place it at the highest point, you can then have an unlimited number of displays spread out monitoring distance and showing the wind speed value on each display from the single wind speed sensor.)
  • To save battery life, when the display is powered off the wind sensor goes into “listening mode” and will not transmit until the display is turned back on
  • Up to 2 years battery life
  • Standard accuracy is 3%, with the option of an NIST traceable version (with 1% accuracy)
  • Display voltage input is 10-30 volts
  • 2 year warranty against defects
  • Display Dimensions: 4.7” tall X 3.7” wide X 1.125” deep
  • Display ships with ram mounting bracket allowing for easy positioning of the display

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