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Model GSP02/X - Gamma Spectrum Probe



The Gamma Spectrum Probe, Model GSP02/X designed for the radioactivity measurement of gamma radiation in the size 'ambient dose equivalent rate'. Spectroscopic detection of gamma radiation. On-site identification of isotopes. Large measuring range also allows detection of small deviations in natural ambient radiation as well as autonomous spectroscopic monitoring.

Main applications

This rugged and unique detector allows use in a very wide range of applications:

  • As a sensor in a large-area radiation early warning system;
  • For monitoring radiotherapy in hospitals;
  • As a measuring unit in scientific institutions and centers of application,
  • As a monitoring unit at border stations, airports, railway stations, airplanes, etc.,
  • As a control unit in the military sector, mainly for the immediate control of random radioactivity generated by nuclear weapons
  • Industry (nuclear power plants, storage facilities for fusible materials and transport of such materials on road or rail),
  • Measuring unit for the private sector

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