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Model H range - Progressing Cavity Pumps


The range H it’s used mainly to apply in the food, pharmaceutics, cosmetics and chemical industry. In these sectors it’s necessary meet the highest hygienic construction standards.The pumps of the H range allows an easy cleaning with the possibility to install a CIP and SIP cleaning system.Maintenance friendly and it’s not necessary specials tools to mount and dismount the pump. The range H have two hygienic levels (HF and HL) and meet the 3A-Sanitary Standards and the EHEDG directives.These pumps can be supplied with a range of materials and various rotor/stator geometries (1L, 1S, 2S and 4S).

  • Stable pump - Low pulsation.
  • Various Installation possibilities.
  • Delivery direction reversible.
  • Self-priming rate high.
  • Easy maintenance and service.
  • Compact design and cost-efficient (block design).
  • Large choice of construction materials (SS316, SS316Ti, Duplex, etc...).

  • Dry running protection with a device TSE.
  • CIP connections for cleaning the pump.
  • Difference connections available (DIN 11851, Clamp, RJT, SMS, din 2501, ISO GAS and others).
  • Feed Screw (for fluid in which the viscosity and the structure required a conveying before the stator).
  • Overpressure Protection device (Diaphragm contact pressure gauge – Adjustable contact for maximum pressure).
  • Bypass circuit with Pressure relief Valve.
  • Different number of sealing solutions: single mechanical seal, double mechanical seal, unpressurized Quench vessel, cartridge unit (mechanical seal), gland packing.

  • Food Industry (Distilleries and Brewing Industry, Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Milk Industry, Oil Industry, Meat and Poultry Processing).
  • Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Wine industry.
  • Confectionery Industry.
  • Sugar Industry.

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