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Model HATHORN Sonic - 1.23 Inch Sewer Camera



The Sonic sewer camera system is a simplest configuration of our premium Triton line. These durable units are manufactured in Canada using quality materials and designs, with a 1.23” diameter straight view camera head, a 200 foot long push cable, and a 7.4” LCD monitor. The monitor comes with either a WIFI module to view/capture the live image on a tablet or smart phone, or a USB module to capture images/video on to a portable hard drive. The TRITON Sonic sewer cameras are perfectly suited for quick and easy use in plumbing, pipe/duct inspections, sewer tanks, welding or machinery inspections and any routine day-to-day types of jobs.

The miniature 1.23” camera head is quite flexible and ideal for navigating 90 degree corners in 2” pipes. There are 12 high intensity LEDs to illuminate the inspection area, and the camera chip is very light sensitive offering high-quality, crisp, images. The camera head is protected by a stainless steel housing, which is very durable and long lasting, with a scratch resistant sapphire glass lens on the end, which is completely waterproof. The camera also has an integrated 512 Hz sonde, which is easily locatable with a standard receiver. 

The push cable on the Sonic is 0.4” in diameter, 200 feet long, and spiral wound to facilitate better strength pushing the cable deeper into the inspection area, while still remaining flexible enough to navigate tight 90 degree bends. It is made of a highly resistant material and will be extremely durable for normal day-to-day use. 

The Sonic sewer camera system has a 7.4” day-light readable monitor with an on-screen footage counter and optional modules to record inspections. The screen will display the live image, and there is a video output to connect it to a separate monitor. The optional modules include a WIFI option, to view the live image via a tablet or smartphone through a newly designed app, allowing image/video capture directly to the device, or a USB option, with a port to connect a USB hard drive to capture files. Self-levelling camera option can be selected. A rechargeable battery pack is also included providing 7-10 hours of portable operation. Optional skids are available to allow the camera head to roll down pipes, additional accessories including a locator to detect the camera head, or a larger 1.68” camera head are available on request. 

The Sonic sewer camera is an economical choice for anyone looking for a quick, professional unit. They are built with the same durable materials as the higher end TRITON push cameras, but offer a much more affordable price, and portable set up.

  • 200ft 0.400” Spiral Wound Premium Push Cable
  • 1.23' Stainless Steel Camera Head
  • 512Hz Transmitter Coil
  • 7.4” Monitor
  • Footage Counter
  • 10AH Battery Pack
  • 2' P-Traps and Up
  • WiFi Option Available
  • USB Record Available

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