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Model HCR Series - Hydrocarbon Resistant Oxygen Sensors



FMI has developed a proprietary chemical coating, based on organically-modified sol gel technology (ORMOSIL) that is used as an oxygen optical transducer in combination with optical fiber waveguides. The new oxygen sensor from FMI is designed to monitor oxygen gas as well as dissolved oxygen (DO) in organic hydrocarbons, fuels, pure solvents such as acetone, BTX, etc… The HCR series oxygen sensor comes in a range of probe and patches.

  • Sensor Principle: Proprietary sol gel ceramic thin film coating
  • Compatible with hydrocarbon products
  • Works in
    • Organic solvents such as toluene, acetone and alcohols
    • Aviation fuels
    • Oil products such as gasoline and diesel fuels
  • Works up to 200 C
  • Extremely stable
    (1% oxygen drift per year – hourly sampling rate

  • Hydrocarbon resistant
  • Oil industry, refineries, fuel processing
  • Chemical industry; explosive hydrocarbons, flammable solvents
  • Aviation industry; OBIGS, OBOGS, online, real-time fue tank monitoring

  • 3/8” OD with replaceable sensor cap and embedded temperature sensor (SS)   
  • 1/8” OD with embedded temperature sensor (SS)   
  • 1/16” (SS)   
  • ¼” (SS)

  • The electronics principle:Electronics is a high performance phase fluorometer optimized for use with fiber optic O2 probes based on luminescent quenching.
  • Interface:Electronics interfaces to your PC through the USB port and is controlled with software.
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