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Model Hel-x - High Capacity Biocarriers


Ecological treatment solutions answer to a new responsibility for our environment. The most effective and cost-efficient is the use of specially developed carrier material in aeration tanks. Hel-x-Logo-klein  by Stoehr is the perfect example for functionality of this treatment as an alternative to chemical treatment or commercial trickling filters. This procedure method has already been successfully applied all over the world. The special grid structure offers maximum surface for biological lawn growth. Due to minimum weight and an enormous mechanical load capacity, a cost effective and quick increase of output can be provided – for almost all systems. These advantages especially apply when  Hel-x-Logo-klein  are used as floating and trickling filters (clusters).


Aquaculture or Aquafarming is the farming of aquatic organisms such as fish, crustaceas, molluscs and aquatic plants under controlled conditions.
Aquafarming can take place in simple garden ponds, on hatches in a Scandinavian fjord or in a highly engineered tank circulation system.

Due to overexploitation of marine species, the demand for aquaculture products is growing constantly.
In a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) the water purification system must be integrated. Waste water is cleaned undergoing various stages of treatment and finally led back into the aquatic tank or vessel.
After leaving the fish tank the water is treated for solids before entering a biofilter here  Hel-x-Logo-klein biocarriers are applied.
During the biological treatment process ammonia is converted into nitrate, afterwards the water is denitrificated. The water then is degassed, oxygenated and sterilized and eventually recirculated.

To offer a maximum face for a natural, biological biofilm-growth  Hel-x-Logo-klein can be applied in floating or trickling filters (clusters). The media has been optimized for the use as biofilter.  Hel-x-Logo-klein  provide high flow-rate. The circumferential helix with inward-looking lamellae allows irrotational flow and increases the amount of shielded surface which facilitates microorganisms to grow even in shadowed flow-zones.

The choice of adequate material can reduce costs and helps to increase the effectiveness of a system considerably.

Cultivation of ornamental fish

The appropriate keeping of ornamental fish especially Koi is a very complex matter. Most important are high water-quality and a maximum denitrification rate. Hel-x-Logo-klein biocarriers applied as biofilters in rotating filters and filter pumps are the most efficient choice. The special grid structure offers maximum face for a biological lawn, which provides the most effective denitrification.

Miscellaneous applications

Our Hel-x-Logo-klein biocarriers offer a multitude of other applications. Hel-x-Logo-klein carrier material  is already successfully used in biogas plants as carrier of the biofilm under anaerobic environment, for gas scrubbing, exhaust air purification, exhaust gas cleaning and cooling.

For these forward-looking and steadily growing sectors, our Hel-x-Logo-klein is a good choice – it is reliable and sustainable.

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