Signet Aggregates, LLC

Model HLT - Hydrocarbon Liberation Technology


Our patented mechanical process works on oil and gas drill cuttings, as well as contaminated soils from spills, to reduce Diesel Range Organic (DRO) content enough to satisfy state and federal agencies' requirements for on-site burial. It reduces the DRO/GRO levels significantly on its own, but by combining it with surfactants the results are dramatic.

In drilling operations, cuttings are generated at only ~200 tons per day on locations (for a 15 day spud to spud horizontal well generating 3,000 tons). At 300 gallons per minute, cuttings can be processed at ~1200 tons per day, meaning that cuttings can be cleaned in real time.

Signet Aggregates has the capability to reduce hydrocarbon content (DRO/GRO) in contaminated soils and drill cuttings  to a level acceptable to state and federal agencies for onsite burial.

Our process incorporates rapid pressure and depressurization coupled with mechanical sheering to separate liquids from solids.  Our initial testing reduced contaminated soils from 90,000 ppm to < 1,000 ppm.

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