Model HM - Medium-Pressure Slurry Pump



Structural development in Danish and European agriculture has led to the stables , and thus manure systems has grown to a size that makes manure handling more labor intensive. By automating this ensures that the system will be handled the same each time , and the system is independent of who is working in the barn. New housing facilities are often built in conjunction with existing housing systems , resulting in more stable section or budding with separate slurry systems . The purpose of Automanure is to provide a global view and management of these systems. The system consists of a number of standard elements together into a single manageable system that can monitor and manage your slurry system . Automanure can be incorporated into new slurry systems or adapted to existing systems.

What options are there?

Automanure can be provided as either a semi-automatic or fully automatic system . The semi- automatic system is built as a sequence of actions that starts with the push of a start button . Subsequently, the system will cycle through a predetermined program .

An example of a semi-automatic system :

Stable sections , which used a wire-type plants where there is a need to bagskylle in two channels.

Line Play system is started and deliver slurry itværkanalen
The pump is started - ready bagskyl in channel 1
The valve is switched to bagskyl in channel 2
There bagskylles in channel 2
The valve is switched to the storage tank
The pump timber reception tank to the storage tank
The pump is stopped
The valve is switched to bagskyl in channel 1

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