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Model HM-SP - Pressure Sustaining Valve



The valve maintains downstream pressure over a pre-set minimum value, regardless of fluctuating flow or varying upstream pressure. Otherwise the valve may open gradually to allow surplus water flow outside the system in order to maintain system pressure to a maximum pre-set value. A hydraulic regulating pilot drives the valve. The pilot is able to detect upstream pressure values and regulates closing steps of the valve until the pre-set pressure value is restored.

  • Preventing of pipeline emptying; maintaining of pre-set pressure where level variations occurs: limitation of operating pressure values in closed ring systems.

  • simple structuration, compactedness and easy disassembly
  • head loss and cavitation risks reduction
  • special hydraulic profile
  • excellent corrosion strenght
  • conformity with both European and American standards
  • easy installation
  • multiple function, V-PORT plug option
  • perfect seal

  • water supply and distribution
  • fire protection systems
  • water treatment
  • fuel stock plants
  • water supply stations (airports, marine and fluvial ports)
  • sport centers (swimming pools, aquariums, amusement parks)
  • pump stations

  • high hydrodynamic section globe body, without stagnation pockets
  • standard ductile cast iron casting
  • epoxy-polyester resin powder painting
  • entirely guided travel seal disc
  • standard stainless steel seal seat with cavitation risks reduction
  • open pass no less than 80% of nominal diameter
  • optional V-PORT seal disc
  • stainless steel exagonal heads bolts
  • wax sealing on request
  • stainless steel shaft, seal disc, spacer and return spring
  • reinforced NBR diaphragm
  • on request Viton diaphragm
  • easy maintenance and access to internal parts without removing the valve from the pipeline
  • purchased valve function can easly be changed with simple pilot circuit modifications

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