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Model HMC-EL - Electrohydraulic On/Off Valve



The valve opens fully or shuts off in response to electric signals. The valve is controlled by a solenoid that allows control liquid to flow in the upper chamber in order to close the main valve or, alternatively, drains upper chamber in order to open the main valve.

  • Pump systems, distribution networks, petrolchemical plants, fire fighting and preventing.

  • new shaft/diaphragm/seal disc assembly
  • fully center guided shaft
  • only one moving assembly (Shaft-Diaphragm-Seal disc) upstream and downstream ports on valve cover for an easy maintenance
  • easy assembly, compactness and disassembly
  • head loss and cavitation risks reduction
  • wide hydraulic profile
  • excellent corrosion and cavitation strenght
  • conformity with both European and American standards
  • multiple function covers
  • perfect seal
  • removable seat

  • water supply and distribution
  • fire protection systems
  • water treatment
  • high-rise buildings
  • fuel stock plants
  • water supply stations (airports, marine and fluvial ports)
  • sport centers (swimming pools, pleasure grounds)
  • pump stations

  • high hydrodynamic section globe body, without stagnation pockets
  • open pass 100% of nominal diameter
  • standard ductile cast iron casting
  • epoxy-polyester resin powder painting
  • entirely guided travel shaft/diaphragm/seal disc assembly
  • standard stainless steel seal seat with cavitation risks reduction, bronze on request
  • stainless steel bolts
  • brass shaft
  • stainless steel guide shaft
  • double neoprene, nylon reinforced diaphragm
  • NBR, nylon reinforced diaphragm
  • easy disassembly due to the new ports design on the valve cover
  • easy maintenance and access to internal parts without removing the valve from the pipeline
  • purchased valve function can easily be changed with simple pilot circuit modifications
  • shaft indicator

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