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Model HQ65 - Bag Filter



The new EN779:2012 has ensured further development of many bag fi lter products. AFPRO Filters has made sure that all its bag filters comply with the new EN 779:2012 by improving the fi lter medium. Because AFPRO Filters makes a large proportion of the media itself, this improvement could be made rapidly, and the new filters were immediately notified to EUROVENT. Through the EUROVENT “certify all” programme for air filters, the customer is assured of the quality of AFPRO Filters. Besides a polymer version, AFPRO Filters also introduced a glass fi bre version that generously complies with the minimum efficiency stipulated in EN 779:2012. For an F7 glass fibre filter, the minimum efficiency of the AFPRO filters is 58%; this is over 65% above the minimum requirement specified in EN779:2012.

Bag filters are used in air treatment cabinets, air conditioning systems, public areas, and as a pre-filter in cleanrooms and the pharmaceuticals industry.

  • Application: Fine filters HVAC, industrial
  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Spacers: Sewing thread
  • Bonding: -
  • Medium: Glasfiber
  • Gasket: Optional, continuous poured gasket
  • Filterclass according to EN779:2012: M6
  • Maximum final presssure drop: 450 Pa
  • Maximum temperature: 70°C
  • Maximum relative humidity: 90%

  • Ensure that the filter is fitted correctly:
    Suction side – clean air side
  • Filter should be correctly installed: no leaks
  • Gaskets should be completely undamaged
  • Filter should be secured at four points
  • Ensure that the filter medium is not folded double
  • Take care to avoid damaging the filter during installation
  • System should be run in for several hours to achieve the desired result
  • Filter installation records; note the date, type and initial resistance.

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