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Model i C003 - i C110 - Industrial Chillers



The i-Chiller represents the fourth generation of fully packaged industrial and HVAC chillers offering the latest innovations,intelligence and tangible energy efficiencies in process cooling. Specifically designed to reduce carbon footprints and enhance process productivity, the i-Chiller is at the forefront of industrial cooling technology. With the addition of four new models, the i-Chiller range now boasts cooling capacities up to 230kW but still provides the long-term reliability, flexibility, cost and energy efficiencies associated with the great i-Chiller range.

  • Refrigerant R407C; (iC105 & iC110) and R134a (iC003)
  • Hermetic reciprocating compressor (iC003); rotary compressor (iC105 & iC110)
  • High-efficiency finned coil evaporator with copper tubes and aluminium fins, installed inside the water storage tank
  • Axial fans with galvanized steel
  • Air-cooled condensers (copper tubes/aluminium fins) fitted on one side of the chiller
  • Storage tank (design pressure 6 barg) complete with P3 pump, filling/drain valve, pressure gauge
  • Internal hydraulic bypass between the inlet and outlet connections
  • Electronic level sensor with water conductivity function
  • High and low refrigerant pressure switches
  • IP33 (iC105 & iC110) and IP20 (iC003) protection rating
  • Phase monitor against phase loss and phase reversal
  • Compressor crankcase heater

  • Our cutting-edge evaporator provides high flow rates with low pressure drops
  • High-efficiency, energy-saving hermetic reciprocating compressor and rotary compressor
  • 1.4kW - 4.4kW cooling capacity
  • The cold water tank keeps outlet water temperature consistent despite varying load conditions

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