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Model i - Cryometer


The zero point is calibrated with pure benzene and a standard point with a benzene solution of 200 mmol. Occasional checks show that the calibration is very stable. An additional third point i.e. 400 mmol solution can be used to calibrate, whereby the linearity is raised by higher concentrations above 300 mmol. Additionally it is possible tomodify the 2nd and 3rd calibration pointin wide limits.

Operating of the Instrument

  • Switch on instrument, wait for ready display (approx. 3 minutes).
  • Place 150 µl sample in the sample tube (± 10 %).
  • Place the sample tube onto the measuring head.
  • Lower the measuring head. The sample tube is dipped into the cooling slot.
  • Enter sample number using the touch display or the built in scanner. These entries can also be made after measurement.
  • Superercooling is reached after 45 sec. and the needle with the ice crystals is dipped into the sample.
  • As freezing point is reached, the display shows the measurement value in mmol / kg and the instrument gives an audible tone.
  • The measurement value is stored in the memory.
  • Slide measuring head from cooling slot and remove the sample tube.
  • Wipe the thermistor with a soft tissue.

System access with code protection

  • Access to instrument could be code protected if wanted. Mark menu point, activate protection, create user and follow instructions.
  • With code protection you are able to prevent that every user could take control of your Cryometer or change system settings (like date/time) .
  • Choosing access code: Access code could have 1 to 12 numbers. You are able to delete users and turn log-in off.

Extra Accessories:

  • Analogue output for XY-plotter
  • Thermal printer paper in standard version and with 25 years storage life
  • Reception/Processing of the measuring data with a Laboratory Information System (database) is on request and in cooperation with the
  • system manufacturer in general possible.
  • The type 20 is ex works programmed for measuring of benzene solutions. Other solvents and/or measuring ranges are on request in
  • general possible.

  • Standard built in thermal printer und scanner for sample and result documentation.
  • Menu led operation on a wide illuminated LCD graphic display with touch operation (view video).
  • Selectable languages. (German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian).
  • Code protection (view Video) with Log-In user administration for GLP-Assistance.
  • Variable 2nd and 3rd calibration points.
  • Single use plastic tubes.
  • Blocking of measuring tube or needle by freezing in stand-by mode is counteracted by regular automatically defrosting.
  • Needle can be rinsed with water or benzene solution.
  • The parameters for baudrate, parity and flow control of the RS232 interfaces can be configured via the menu.
  • Integrated real time clock to sort measurements and calibrations for quality requirements.
  • Wide input voltage range 100-230VAC suitable for all countries
  • Reduced operating costs as no extra water supply is necessary and power consumption is low.
  • MS-Windows software for measuring data transfer will be included.

  • Sample volume:100 to 200 µl
  • Measuring time:approx. 1.3 minutes (150 µl)
  • Measuring process:Automatic process
  • Reproducibility:± 1% or ±2 mmol, greater value will be the correct one
  • Measurement range:0 … 1000 mmol / kg Benzene
  • Measurement memory:200 measurements with sample numbers, date and time, user name, cal-status
  • Data interfaces:1 x USB for PC and 2 x RS 232 for PC/printer, handscanner
  • Power supply:100-230V AC max. 95 VA
  • Dimensions:Width 190 mm, height 278 mm, depth 216 mm
  • Weight:approx. 4.3 kg

The Instrument is CE labelled and WEEE conform.

Accessories included:
50 plastic tubes, spare thermistor, spare needle, spare fuses, cleaning fluid and little funnel for cleaning needle hole, data transmitting cable RS232/USB and software, spare paperroll, operating instructions.

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