Model I-PRO Series - Spray Heads Combine



Irritrol's l-PROTM Series spray heads combine a pressure-activated wiper seal and advanced formula lubricant that virtually eliminates troublesome stick ups. Add a unique tapered lip design that prevents debris from entering the body and you have a spray head with superior performance. It's rugged and reliable with a textured body style for a non-slip grip and even easier installation. I-PRO offers a 4'. 6' and 12' replacement spray head that allows a complete retrofit without having to purchase the body - it even fits the Rain Bird1800 Series body. Available in four pop-up heights with side inlet, pressure regulation and check valve options, the l-PRO Series fits most landscape application.

  • Pressure-Activated Seal with lubricant Additive
    Cleans debris from stem, reduces flow-by during pop-up and prevents leaking between cap and body 
    Extra lubricant additive further eliminates stick-ups
  • Pre-installed in-riser pressure regulator (optional) 
    Maintains optimum nozzle performance at 30 psi and eliminates misting in varying pressure applications
  • Pre-installed check valve (optional) 
    Prevents low-head drainage, eliminating flood or erosion damage by keeping water in lateral pipes in elevation changes up to 14’ 
  • Retrofittable riser 
    Fits Rain Bird 1800 Series body
  • Sturdy and Robust, Textured Body 
    Provides for easy installation with a non-slip grip
  • Side and bottom inlets on 6” and 12” models (6” also available in non-side inlet) 
    Reduces installation time
  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel retraction spring 
    Ensures positive pop-down 
  • Male-threaded riser 
    Compatible with any female-threaded nozzle in the industry
  • Pre-installed flush plug 
    Makes system flushing a breeze and allows for easy nozzle installation
  • Ratcheting riser 
    Easiest ratchet in the market, even while hands are wet, yet won’t come out of adjustment!

  • Inlet size ½” female NPT threads
  • Exposed diameter: 2 ¼”
  • Body diameter: 1 5⁄8”
  • Body height:
    - I-PRO300: 4 7⁄8” 
    - I-PRO400: 5 ¾”
    - I-PRO600: 9 ¼”
    - I-PRO1200: 16”
  • Side inlet: 4 3⁄8” from center of side inlet to top of cap
  • Recommended working pressure: 
    - Standard: 20-50 psi (max 75 psi)
    - CV: 25-50 psi (max 75 psi)
    - PR: 30-70 psi (max 75 psi)
  • Precipitation rate: 
    - Spacing: 4’ – 15’
    - Flow-by: 0 at 10 psi or greater; .1 GPM otherwise 
  • Five-year warranty

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