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Model ICS689 - Premium Scale



Rugged stainless-steel scale for check-weighing, portioning and counting applications with various connectivity options and powerful data management.

Optimize Your Process

The ICS689 compact scales are designed for over/under checkweighing or classifying applications. The stainless-steel terminal and  platform are best suited for wet, harsh or hygienic environments in either the food, pharmaceutical or chemical industries.

This series of short videos gives quick insights into how Industrial Compact Scales can help you improve your weighing processes. Learn more about the benefits of ICS scales,  including fast and accurate weighing, efficient cleaning, easy printing and convenient mobile use.

Ergonomic Design

You can choose between three different ways to mount the terminal relative to the platform to ensure an ergonomic working procedure.

Databics Scale-Management Software

Databics is an extensive data-management system for use with ICS4 and ICS6 scales. It allows you to manage and set-up the articles you want to weigh or count on your PC. Weighing data can be retrieved and stored for legal purposes or for customer audits. The software facilitates print out and label creation. Format labels according to AIAG or Odette standards or customize them as needed.

Easy to clean

The ICS689 product line is designed according to the latest hygienic design guidelines including EHEDG or NSF. IP69K protected terminals as well as the open design of the platforms with hermetically sealed loadcells enable easy access to all areas and an efficient cleaning process.

Large Database

Store up to 5,000 articles and materials in the scale-embedded database together with relevant parameters, such as target weight, tolerances or tare values.

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