Saint Dizier Environnement

Saint Dizier Environnement

Model IHDC 1.5 to 15 - Sludge Trap/Oil Interceptors



Lamellar sludge trap/oil interceptors class 1. Protected steel production after sanding SA 2.5 with a polyester powder coating.

  • NF Mark

  • Honeycomb polypropylene

  • Stainless steel automatic shutter

  • Equipotential

Pretreatment of water coming from washing areas, service stations, industrial activities...
  • Conformity: standards NF EN 858-1 and NF P16-451-1/CN

  • Certification: NF mark delivered by an independent body

  • Performance: honeycomb treatment effectiveness

  • Safety: large retention for oil, identification plate with equi-potential socket

  • Easy to operate and maintain: total access

  • Reliability: longevity of the cells, quality of the covering

  • 10-year warranty via insurance supplemented by an Epers


Pretreatment apparatus intended to intercept and accumulate the solid matter (sand...) and free oils.

  • Made of S235 steel protected after SA 2,5 sanding according to ISO 8501-1 by an epoxy-polyester powder coating

  • Removable screening

  • Coalescence on honeycomb lamellar blocks made of polypropylene

  • Automatic closing-off device made of stainless steel with lip seal, tared for oils with density of 0.85

  • Class B125 buffers included in reference IHDC**B

  • Class C250 buffers with adjustable frame included in reference IHDC**C

  • Resistance class 1a according to NF P16-451-1/CN

  • Connections: input by lip seal and output via total

  • Access pipe

  • The trap compartment is calculated in such a way as to obtain a usable volume of 100 to 300 litres x TN

  • The interceptor compartment is dimensioned for a free oil discharge less than 5 mg/l in the test conditions of standard EN 858-1

  • Steel risers - REH or adjustable composite - REHP

  • Visual and audible oil alarm - KAH05

  • Oil removal device - KEM

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