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Model ionKey/MS - Mass Spectrometry System



Easily More Sensitive, Just Turn the Key. With an ionKey/MS System, Waters transforms what your lab can do. By integrating the UPLC separation into the source of the mass spectrometer ionKey/MS gives you: Increased sensitivity, Simplified user experience, The power to perform multiple analyses on limited sample volumes, The power to analyze smaller sample sizes, Reduced solvent consumption

Increased Sensitivity

ionKey/MS integrates the ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System with the industry-leading Xevo TQ-S mass spectrometer, which enables the lowest detection limits to be achieved for the most challenging analyses.

Designed for the most demanding quantitative applications, Waters mass spectrometers provide unprecedented levels of sensitivity and the ultimate in quantitative performance.

ionKey/MS provides the same 2.1-mm I.D. UPLC chromatographic performance you know in a 150-µm I.D. channel packed with 1.7-µm particles, providing tremendous improvements in sensitivity.

Simplified User Experience

ionKey/MS is enabled by the innovative iKey™ which replaces traditional fittings and columns and simplifies the user experience.

The “Plug and Play” design eliminates user-made connections and the associated operator variability providing a superior level of confidence and enables any scientist to obtain high quality data.

The iKey contains the fluidic connections, electronics, ESI interface, heater, e-cord™, and the chemistry to perform UPLC separations in the source of Waters mass spectrometers. It makes the most sensitive MS instrument on the market accessible to any user.

UPLC Performance

ionKey/MS provides the same 2.1-mm I.D. UPLC chromatographic performance you know, robust reproducible, reliable in a 150-µm I.D. channel packed with 1.7-µm particles, now easier to use and more sensitive.

Get More with Less Sample

ionKey/MS gives you the power to analyze smaller samples and do more when you have limited samples.

  • Save time and money by reducing the amount of sample to be prepared and analyzed
  • Minimize costly standards
  • Reduce the need for matrix matched standards by diluting sample matrix
  • Improve MS uptime and robustness by reducing sample and solvent load
  • When you have limited samples, find more and gain confidence by:
    • Performing more analyses per sample.
    • Optimize for different analytes
    • Reduce variation in data by eliminating the need to pool samples

Reduced Solvent Consumption

ionKey/MS significantly reduces the amount of solvent consumed compared to 2.1-mm I.D. scale analyses, which give you lower solvent costs, reduced storage and disposal costs, and more sustainable workflow for the environment.

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