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Model IRIS 70 - Pumping Aggregates



The IRIS 70 pumping aggregates are designed for wide range of users for pumping of clear and turbid water without mechanical particles. The se pumps are usually used in gardening at hose irrigation or by means of self-acting spray nozzles, for car washing etc. The whole set consists of single-stage centrifugal horizontal volute pump coupled through flange and spacer in one unit with electric motor. The impeller is easy fit on the extended motor shaft. The IRIS 70 aggregate can be supplied also with a petrol engine.


Volute casing, suction cover, spacer and impeller are made of grey cast iron.

Stuffing box

All variants of these pumping aggregates are provided with sealing cords.

Technical Parameters

Max. temperature of delivered liquid: 60°C
Flow rate: Q = 1,2 l/sec
Delivery head: H = up to 28 m

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