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Model J-Series - Integral Carriages


Cascade's J-Series Integral Carriages are so versatile they are used across many industries in various settings. If you have an integral attachment need we'll be there with a solution.

OEM Compatible

  • Stubshafts, chain anchors, internal reeving connections compatible with OEM. Uses OEM profile forks if applicable.

Easy Installation

  • Install just like you would an OEM carriage. Forks positioned using carriers so no welding of forks is required.


  • Cylinders can be removed for service without removing forks or frame.

Custom Designs

  • Custom designs available for your specific applications such as slope - used for unloading trucks outside or swing - to allow for alignment

Fork Mounting

  • Both pin-type and ITA versions available. Pin-type design allows use of long forks without special options or modifications. Integral allows use of pin-type forks on trucks which only have ITA carriages from OEM.


  • J-Series Integrals are available with capacities from 8,000 lbs to 36,000 lbs. and larger or smaller capacities are available upon request.


  • Available with all types of forks. Gypsum handling, Lumber and Plywood, Coil handling and special application forks.

Multiple Sideshift Strokes

  • Fully customizable integrals to accommodate the total amount of sideshift stroke your application requires.

Fast and Easy Mounting

  • All Cascade Integral Sideshifters are shipped ready to install. No welding, drilling or tapping required.

High Net Capacity

  • Excellent specifications optimize truck capacity.

Quick Serviceability

  • Cylinder is removable for service without removing outer frame. Cylinder rod seals are easily serviced.

Reduced Effective Thickness

  • In some applications Integral attachments offer less effective thickness when compared to a hang-on sideshifterorfork positioner.

Variable Widths

  • Available in widths both wider and narrower than OEM carriages. Design allows for very wide frames.

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