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Model JK-GCMS-II - Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometers



As a high performance and sensitive analysis technique, Gas Chromatography/Mass spectrometry (GC/MS) is widely used in various areas such as environmental protection, food safety, pharmaceuticals, chemical analysis. It provides not only reliable qualitative data but also sensitive quantitative result even for trace level combination in complex matrices. GC/MS is becoming a routine analysis instrument in many laboratories. Shanghai Jingke Scientific Instrument Co.LTD. cooperates with Fudan University and Engineering & Research Center of Innovative Scientific Instrument, Ministry of Education China, develops and produces a series of mass spectrometers which adopt advanced techniques and innovative designs. Complemented with our GC products, the integrated system will provide you a powerful, reliable, and sensitive analysis platform in order to accelerate routine analysis work for every laboratory.

JK-GCMS-II system including a quadrupole mass spectrometer and a gas chromatograph is a brand new GC/MS product with absolute intellectual property rights. According to the difference of mass range (450u, 650u, 850u), three types of configuration are supplied in order to adapt widely application. JK-GCMS-II is a kind of universal GC/MS for routine laboratories, which has high performance/cost ratio.

  • Standard EI ion source with high sensitivity assures mass spectral integrity and more reliable library matches.
  • High hardness metal quadrupole provides good ion transmission and mass spectral stability. Quadrupole with proprietary manufacturing technique ensures MS resolution.
  • Modular circuit design improves system reliability. advanced electronic circuit provides fast full scan and data acquisition.
  • High-efficient software owns high compatibility with Agilent 5973MSD. All the data files and analysis method of Agilent 5973MSD can be used and compared in this software.
  • Integrated design packs GC/MS system with dimensions as 28×50×40cm(W×D×H) , and only weight 20kg ( excluding rotary vane vacuum pump and PC).
  • High-performance vacuum system consists of a rotary vane type vacuum pump (2L/s) as backing pump and a molecular pump (200L/s).

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