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Model JK-HG-103 - Hydride Generator



The hydride generator can measure trace element with the method of hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry(HAAS) AsSeSbBiSnPbTeGeCdHg . Excellent performance .High sensitivity: This is a kind of flow injection type (sample: 2-2.5ml/every measurement) hydride generator which needs less sample, the sensitivity and detection limits are both excellent.

Note: Different Atomic absorption spectrophotometer has different sensitivity

  1. Stability: the relative standard deviation RSD factory index, the coefficient of variation '3% (actual may be less than 1.5%). Determination of Arsenic; absorbance between 0.2-0.5, measured 11 times calculations.
  2. Low detection limit:if 3 times the standard deviation, the  value is about 2 if the sensitivity value is 3 (unit is ng / mL) ,can meet the measurement requirements of 0.01-0.1ppm in the sample
  3. High efficiency: except the time of  pre-treatment of sample, every measurement time is less than 30 seconds.
  4. the best using condition can be adjusted: only need to select the carrier gas.The amount of solution (every time): Sample 2-3mL (including cleaning, can be modified according to the special needs of the user.the smallest is 0. 6ml) containing liquid 4-6mL, potassium borohydride 1-1.5mL.
  5. High automation degree: only need to click the Start button to do the automatical sample, occurrence, reading, (the host must have remote control automatic reading function) cleaning
  6. Adaptability: the new or old models of domestic and abroad atomic absorption spectrophotometer can be equipped with, the peak height reading and continuous reading both can be used(instantaneous or points), and can use  visual method or recorder to read the peak height.
  7. Continuous working: no need to stop the operation to clean,or no need to use desiccant.
  8. Small size and light weight: net weight: about 2kg, length 150mm, width 125mm, height 205mm.
  9. stable quality, low failure rate, easy installation and convenient maintenance.

JK-HG-103 Hydride Generator    Proprietary new technology

  1. Pneumatic automation technology: the pressure of gas source is energy,use the pneumatic components researched and produced by our factory to automatically get solution, steady flow delivery(instead of peristaltic pump), cleaning, process─ time control,etc.
  2. Compact electric quartz absorption tube: The the electric wire specially treated, tightly binds the quartz tube and no short-circuitting, convenient for assembling and unassembling,has stable temperature. It is the only type of absorption tube can be equipped with the host,lifetime is about 500 hours.
  3. Typical applications of high performance hollow cathode lamp:the 8 hydride elements all have hollow cathode lamps, big emission intensity, high sensitivity. By using passband width (1-2nm)keeps the sensitivity and increase the emission intensity, so that arsenic and selenium is no longer a weak emission light. By using the 217.0nm make the sensitivity of the lead is equal to the  highest arsenic.The host can provide the power supply, distributing switch is included in,but the hollow cathode lamps need to purchase(our company can provide)
  4. Has the special measure of improving the efficiency of atomization,which can not be provided by the electric type

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