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Model Jolly Series - Vertical Pumps



Designed for heavy duty slurry and/or acid applications. The JOLLY Series pumps are custom built to customer specifications. The shaft is always supported above the baseplate by two bearings inside the base. The pump-motor coupling is an elastic joint or V-belt. The maximum length of the pump under the base can reach 4-5 meters (13-16 ft). Using a sleeve bushing as the sealing system, the JOLLY Series pumps cannot run dry under a certain level. Capacities from 5 to 1500 m3/h (22 to 6,613 gpm). Maximum discharge pressure from 6 to 7 bar (88 to 103 psi).

They only have one flexible coaxial joint between the electric motor and the shaft, and they are manifactured with two standard heights of suction for installed power up to 12.5 HP, which are 1 meter (3.3') and 1.5 (5') meters; when the power is higher (up to 100 HP), the height of suction is 1.6 meters (5.3').

Designed for:

  • highly abrasive liquids
  • highly acid liquids
  • highly acid liquids with abrasive suspensions

Type of seal:

  • rubberized sleve and bush

Low maintenance

Pump-motor coupling:

  • flexible coaxial joint

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